Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What You Need To Know


What is it?
The Just Dance 3 challenge is for anyone who wants a fun way to shake off some inches, bragging rights, and friendly competition – and perhaps a little extra cash-ola as well. You might just learn a few new moves in the process!

How does it work?
It’s easy. Each week we’ll do 3 songs, going in order on the Just Dance 3 game. Don’t like the songs one week? Struggling to find the specific move or groove? Don't worry! There are bound to be ones you’ll like coming up – and ya’ never know! Some of the tunes may even grow on you!
Why 3 songs?
‘Cause you’re bound to be challenged by one of them. And if you don’t like one song or genre of music, they’ll be 2 other ones there to give you a break. Each song is ranked individually, so the highest score on each song wins that song. The person to win the most songs during a week period wins overall. If there is a tie, we'll use the highest overall score (adding up the scores of all 3 songs) for a Bucks winner.

How do I submit my scores?
This is where the honor system comes in. Create a name on your Wii. Comment on the blog's "Crew Call" weekly post let us know what that name is. That is the profile you will play under during the entire week. You can pick your name or something else, but please be sure NO ONE in your household plays under your Game Name/Profile Name!  Once a week, submit a photo of your score for each song to me using a smart phone (if you don't have my number - email me or facebook me and I'll pass it along), via email (jdarlingmusic@aol.com) , or facebook (jay nearformerdarling or Jay Humenay). Let me know if you’re playing for Bragging Rights or for Bucks! (Either way you’ll get the side effects of having fun, probably dropping some weight, and toning up!)

  If You’re Playing for Bragging Rights – The player with the highest score (or the Bragging Rights player winning the most songs),  you’ll get a virtual trophy you can displayed on this blog along with a picture of your choice and a little bit about you. Like any celebrity, we'll do a 3 question interview so your fellow players can get to know you! Post a link on your facebook, your personal blog, or print up and hang up at the office! The world needs to know about your fully awesome dance moves! But...  You can not win Bucks if you don’t play for Bucks. Fair is fair. Bragging Rights has it's own incentive to dance your pants off!  If you are playing for Bragging Rights and you are the LOWEST scoring individual that week, you must make a 2 minute video of yourself dancing to one of the songs to be shared with your fellow Just Dancers at the end of the entire challenge (after ALL the songs on the game have been played – I’ll be making up a match up). So get LOTS of practice in!

  If You’re  Playing for Bucks –
Each week is $5 sent via paypal. Once a winner playing for bucks is announced, that winner gets the pot for that week. Let’s take a look at what that can mean: Instead of throwing down a $5 latte from Starbucks, you could win $5 from every player who chose to play for bucks! So that’s minus one latte (and lots of sugar and calories and other bad stuff for your bod) for the chance at AT LEAST doubling your money every week! If a Bragging Rights player wins the week, the pot carries over until a Bucks player wins. Normally people are more focused and practice harder and play harder when there are a few bucks at stake. This is not supposed to be a financially exclusive game, but yes, playing for bucks is highly encouraged.

 If you’re playing for Bragging Rights and you want to play for Bucks, can you switch? Sure! You can switch over any time the week is up.  Each week, I’ll send out a notice of what the confirmed songs are for the next week and what the pot is for the Bucks players.

If a song has multiple dancers, do I have to be the first one? Nope. You can pick any dancer you like if a song gives you the option.
What's the key to Just Dance 3 Success?
Practice makes perfect!  You might need just 10 minutes to get a song score to where you want it, or you might need an hour! It’s up to you to decide when enough is enough, but the more you practice, the more benefit you’ll get from the process, and the better your chances of earning the Pot or the Bragging Trophy! (And not having to make a video of yourself Just Dancing! )

Friendly Suggestions:The first month and I did this challenge - I LOST every week and paid my challenger $20. The next month, we broke even. And the third month - I swept the Month! Here's how I did it:
Practice 3 days a week for about ½ an hour each day.  It's an easy game to pick up for a few minutes here and there to just do a song - any song. All of them will help you find your groove. It’ll give you a break and it’s a GREAT stress reliever!
This is my “me” time!  As much fun as dancing with someone else beside me is, alone is a blast and when I achieved my best scores.
Get your work out gear on! It always helped me focus when I wasn’t thinking about the jiggle.
Do it barefoot! I had the most success when I was shoe less, but you can try some songs in heels for some added challenge!
Keep it fun! If you find yourself getting REALLY frustrated with a song - it's time to change songs or take a break.


Scores submissions are due each WEDNESDAY before MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. Winners will be announced on Fridays!  IF YOU AGREE TO PARTICIPATE DURING A WEEK AND DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR SCORE, YOUR NAME WILL APPEAR ON THE WALL OF SHAME! And no one wants to be on the wall of shame. Duck out 3 times or more and this may not be the competition for you. If you know you're going on vacation or something DON'T SIGN UP TO PLAY THAT WEEK and save yourself from the Wall of Shame.


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